Q&A with Quark Henares, EJ Jallorina & Royce Cabrera

Where Is the Lie? is that rare work that transforms the genre into something far deeper and more moving, with a humorous and hard-hitting script based on a real-life incident in the Philippines, as well as a star-making performance by luminous trans woman EJ Jallorina. As Janzen, the charming, lovelorn target of a vile cyberbully character who’s out to humiliate the LGBTQIA+ community just for kicks, Jallorina earns our empathy and our awe. We’re privy to the plans that entrap and entangle her in a madwoman’s web of deceit, and can only root for her to track down and punish the perpetrators. While this is a vibrantly Gen Z-skewing film, with candy-colored sets, frenetic pacing, and ample use of multiple screens, it is also a cautionary tale for all generations, and ultimately, a celebration of much-deserved payback.