Geeks become the unlikely heroes of their own comic book fantasies when the zombie apocalypse comes to Hong Kong. Lung (Michael Ning, Port of Call) lives with single-mom Shan (Carrie Ng, Naked Killer) in an abandoned theater. He partners with his comic sidekick (Louis Cheung), hot cousin (Cherry Ngan), prodigal dad (Alex Man), and an abandoned bride (Venus Wong) to fight back with innovative weapons including homemade flying guillotines. The comedy is fast and loose, with real estate agents its particularly hilarious targets. Produced by Clement Cheng (Gallants, NYAFF 2010), this riotous crowd-pleaser is developed from director Alan Lo’s debut short Zombie Guillotines (2012), a do-it-yourself guide to weaponing up for Z-Day with everyday objects in a hair salon. Fans of The Walking Dead may think they’ve witnessed every trick in the zombie playbook. They’re wrong. They haven’t yet encountered a giant alien chicken that lays explosive golden eggs. Q&A with director Alan Lo and actress Carrie Ng. North American Premiere.