Intro by Harmony Korine on Oct. 7 & 8

More than a decade after Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine (Julien Donkey-Boy, NYFF37; Trash Humpers, NYFF47) returns with an even more hallucinatory trance film, and perhaps his most formally unbound work. Shot entirely in retina-scorching infrared and set to an intoxicating Araabmuzik score, AGGRO DR1FT casts Jordi Molla and rapper Travis Scott in a feverish, transporting action-movie miasma of skulls and swords, masks and machine guns, strippers and mobsters, horned demons and hot cars.

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Four Unloved Women, Adrift on a Purposeless Sea, Experience the Ecstasy of Dissection
David Cronenberg, Canada/Italy, 4m
North American Premiere
Surgery is the new sex, 18th-century style. In David Cronenberg’s wry, surrealist miniature, four anatomical female wax models—taken from the collection of Florence’s 250-year-old science museum La Specola—lie in uncanny repose as the camera dreamily caresses their detachable organs, exposed body cavities, and glossy ceroplastic flesh. Under the director’s inimitable gaze, objects created as pedagogical tools take on an impassioned agency, contorting in perpetual agony and ecstasy.

The short film was realized on the occasion of “Cere Anatomiche,” an exhibition by Fondazione Prada conceived in collaboration with La Specola, which is part of the Museum of Natural History and Museum System of the University of Florence, and the Canadian film director and screenwriter David Cronenberg.

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