Q&A with Deborah Stratman and Blake Williams on Oct. 7 & 8

In the panoramic works of Deborah Stratman, the filmmaker collapses boundaries between the historical and the political, the modern and the primordial. An active decentering of the human or animal, her mesmeric new film is a geohistorical inquiry into life on earth from the perspective of rocks: those formations of crystal and mineral that existed before people—and will one day outlive us. Stratman has made an eerily exquisite film about our planet carved out of science and speculation, poetry and geology, unfolding with remarkable images that range from microscopic forms to vast landscapes.
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Laberint Sequences
Blake Williams, 2023, U.S., 3D, 20m
U.S. Premiere
Blake Williams’s stereoscopic portrait of Barcelona’s Parc del Laberint d’Horta takes in the serenity of the garden’s fountains, pavilions, hedgerows, and koi ponds, and navigates the winding pathways of its famed maze via disorienting pans and wobbling frames. Meanwhile, an enigmatic infrastructure lies below the park’s placid neoclassical surface, heightening its tense collision of the natural and the artificial.

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