April 24 – 27

It’s easy to underrate Robert Redford. A generous performer whose technique too often flies below the radar and whose name is synonymous with classic good looks, he could have sustained a fruitful career without taking risks. But instead, he used his box-office clout to finance era-defining dramas and thrillers, and his parallel directing career evinces a sure command of storytelling and a feeling for characterization. Redford has also distinguished himself as a humanitarian and founder of the Sundance Film Festival, which has launched several generations of major American filmmakers. Continuing to push himself as an actor, Redford bridges the divide between the New Hollywood and the current wave of independent cinema (Time magazine recently deemed him the “Godfather of Indie Film”). The Film Society is proud to present its 2015 Chaplin Award to Robert Redford for his invaluable contributions on both sides of the camera, and invites you to join us as we show a selection of highlights from his storied career.

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