Not for nothing, as his Hoboken crew might say, was Frank Sinatra called “The Chairman of the Board.” Arguably the 20th century’s most admired vocalist and an abiding icon of cool, Sinatra held court with elegant but unassailable authority. Much more than a singer who dabbled in acting, he was an accomplished performer, earning many accolades including the Academy Award for his dramatic work and even taking a laudable stab at directing. Like his idol Bing Crosby (with whom he occasionally shared scenes), Sinatra’s stage presence translated well to the screen. He was a charismatic star who took a methodical approach to the roles that challenged him; his preparedness evident in the fact that a second take was seldom necessary. George Axelrod, who wrote and produced The Manchurian Candidate, called him “one of the best screen actors in the world . . . lyrically sensitive . . . magic.” To mark the centennial anniversary of Sinatra’s birth, we’re doing it his way, offering a selection of his film work that displays the range and intensity of his talents.

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