Fifty years after Jean-Luc Godard and the Young Turks of Cahiers du cinéma, another “new wave” of critic-filmmakers hailing from the iconoclastic magazine La lettre du cinéma is boldly storming the gates of the French film establishment. Made in a collective spirit, using many of the same actors and crew, these highly literate, deeply romantic, formally inventive works introduce a group of prodigious young talents. At the center of this constellation is the writer, director, actor, lyricist and DJ Serge Bozon (La France), who will join us to present this first major U.S. survey of films by the Lettre du cinéma circle.

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Special Programs:

The Cinema According to Serge Bozon
Continuing in the spirit of Bozon’s 2010 Centre Pompidou exhibition, we have invited the filmmaker to present a handful of unheralded, rarely screened treasures that have inspired and influenced his work, with a particular emphasis on American Westerns and films produced by the maverick French auteur Paul Vecchiali under the aegis of his company Les Films Diagonale: Femmes femmes, Rouge-gorge, Far from Manhattan, and Simone Barbes or Virtue. Presented in collaboration with Anthology Film Archives. All screenings introduced by Serge Bozon!

Panel Discussion: Serge Bozon and the New French Cinema
Friday, April 15 at Columbia University Maison Française
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Serge Bozon Presents
Saturday, April 16 at Anthology Film Archives
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