Let the wild rumpus begin! Our next batch of Family Films kicks off this weekend with an amazing lineup focused on adaptations of classic children’s literature. Adventures through India, down the Mississippi and into the imagination all have their place in the roster, as well as monsters, talking animals, and vampires! Here are some highlights:


Based on the book by beloved author Maurice Sendak, Spike Jonze’s film adaptation adds depth to the “wild things” and has a striking visual style all its own, with textures that scream for the audience to reach out and touch the grainy sand of the island or the fur or feathers of the monsters. Beloved by hipsters and five-year-olds alike, the movie is as absurd as it is sentimental and truly sparkles in some more adult moments.

Best Reading of the Source Material: Where the Wild Things Are as read by Christopher Walken

Most Sentimental Quote: “Happiness is not always the best way to be happy.”

Soundtrack highlight: All is Love” by Karen O and The Kids


Sometime there is nothing better than a movie with talking animals to keep the children entertained. After having been previously made into a film in 1973, Charlotte’s Web again returned to the big screen in 2006 with live-action and CGI stars.

A More Appropriate/Concise Tag Line: Some Pig

Best Line From the Trailer: “With the right words you can change the world.”

Make it a Double Feature with: Stuart Little (1999)


The classic story of the Transylvanian count was brought to life with plenty of camp and melodrama by Tod Browning in 1931. The film is a shining example of old-fashioned horror, before it was all jumps and gore (and before vampires were all sexy teens). Dracula is “back to thrill and chill you” on the big screen… just in time for Halloween!

Don’t Forget: The garlic salt on your popcorn!

Perfect Paired with: The Bride of Frankenstein (or Nosferatu)

Alternate Soundtrack: Vampire Blues” by Neil Young and “We Suck Young Blood” by Radiohead

Full Family Films schedule (all screenings at 2:00pm in the Film Center Amphitheater):
A Little Princess: September 1 & 2
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: September 8 & 9
Where the Wild Things Are: September 15
Charlotte’s Web: September 22 & 23
White Fang: October 20 & 21
Dracula: October 27 & 28