Joanna Hogg's Exhibition

Filmmaker Joanna Hogg's third feature, Exhibition, will screen for two weeks exclusively at the Film Society of Lincoln Center beginning June 20. The release will be accompanied by one-week runs of Hogg's first two films, Archipelago and Unrelated, the following week, the Film Society announced on Friday.

Hogg's latest, Exhibition, is structured as a cinematic mosaic of interlocking sights, sounds, exchanges, happenings great and small, everyday advances, and retreats. It is a portrait of two people in a state of change in a house that effectively becomes a third character, and an agent in that change. The film premiered last fall at the 51st New York Film Festival. Hogg will attend opening weekend. 

London-based filmmaker Joanna Hogg was selected as one of two Emerging Artists at the 51st New York Film Festival, introducing her to American audiences as “a bold, dynamic new artist.” Hogg began her career as a photographer, before going on to study at the National Film and Television School.

After 10 years directing television dramas she made her feature debut with Unrelated (2007). It won numerous awards, including the FIPRESCI prize at the London Film Festival, the Guardian First Film Award, and “Most Promising Newcomer” at the Evening Standard British Film Awards. Her second film, Archipelago (2010), received a Special Commendation at the London Film Festival for their Best Film award. In 2011 she co-founded the collective A Nos Amours, dedicated to programming overlooked, underexposed, or especially potent cinema.

Details about Joanna Hogg's films at the Film Society of Lincoln Center follow:

U.S., 2013, 104m
The film depicts a married middle-aged couple (Viv Albertine and Liam Gillick), both artists, who live in a beautiful modernist house in London’s Chelsea—a labyrinth, a refuge, a prison house, a battleground. As they confront their conflicts and competitions, they slowly arrive at the painful decision to sell, thus inviting interlopers into their private world. Hogg’s new film was produced by Gayle Griffiths for BBC Films and the BFI. A Kino Lorber release.

UK, 2010, 114m
A group stays on the island of Tresco off of Sicily, animated by resentments, jealousies, upheavals, and revelations that will ring true to anyone who has ever spent a vacation with their family. Tom Hiddleston, a mainstay of Hogg’s films, plays the discontented son at a crossroads in his life, at odds with his mother (Kate Fahy) and sister (Lydia Leonard). His priorities are reset by landscape artist Christopher Baker (who appears as himself) and the family’s wondrous new surroundings. A NYFF51 Emerging Artists Selection. A Kino Lorber release.

UK, 2007, 100m
Middle-aged, discontented Anna (Kathryn Worth) decides to spend her summer holiday apart from her husband, in Tuscany with her friends. As the days go by, she finds herself more attuned to their teenage children (Tom Hiddleston and his sister Emma).  Hogg’s 2007 debut immediately established her as an unusual artist with a place-specific approach to drama. A NYFF51 Emerging Artists Selection. A Kino Lorber release.