Brooklyn band Glass Ghost has won praise for their rhythmic and emotion-laced tunes since their 2009 debut album, Idol Omen. On Tuesday evening, the band will play a set as part of the current Film Society series Sound + Vision, though music will only be one element of their performance. Audience data, advertising, and more provide the backdrop for Live Performance: Glass Ghost – LYFE™, a work-in-progress experience in which the audience are participants. “I've seen a lot of art pieces commenting on technology and using technology to comment on disconnection that people feel, especially now with social media,” said Glass Ghost's Eliot Krimsky to FilmLinc. “But combining [technology] with music can be so emotional. It can also be creepy with [widespread] surveillance and all of our information existing out there.”

LYFE™, also the title of Glass Ghost's latest album, is a fictional company that “identifies, analyzes, and advertises users' emotions,” according to Sound + Vision. Before the event begins, participants will take a MyLyfe™ survey. As Glass Ghost plays, audiences are swept into the experience as their data appears on screen and is analyzed. Krimsky said that he expects there to be some discomfort with the experience, but it's all part of the journey. “I think there might be times when it does feel uncomfortable and I do hope that happens, although not too much,” said Krimsky.  “[I hope] that people may question who they are. It's a journey of questioning and commenting on themselves and their relation to corporate reality.”

LYFE™'s first iteration took place at PS122 last March. The Sound + Vision event Tuesday will be its next evolution and will include two new songs for a total of eight. The event is a milestone in what is a planned work-in-progress through 2015. Added Krimsky, who is currently working on his M.A. in Media Studies, exploring the convergence of technological mediation, identity, and music: “For me music can be such an introspective medium that can open you up to a transformation that is very psychological.”

[More information about Sound + Vision 2014 can be found here.]