The Painting (2011)

Keep your enfants terribles occupied in March and April with a slate of French-flavored family films scheduled to coincide with our fast-selling annual program Rendez-Vous with French Cinema.

Part of Rendez-Vous itself (March 1 – 13) are Zarafa and The Painting, two gorgeous animated films released in France last year. Zarafa, beautifully hand-drawn, opens as a grandfather tells his grandchildren about a boy determined to save a trapped giraffe from her fate as a gift to a king. The Painting is the exceedingly clever story of the occupants of a painting, some only partially finished. (Zarafa is in French with English subtitles, which, as with all of the subtitled films in the series, will be presented with the subtitles read aloud.)

Wolf (Loup) follows a 16-year-old boy who is cast out of his clan when he refuses to kill a wolf and forges a surprising friendship (subtitled). In On the Sly (A pas de loup), it’s a young girl who leaves her family and considers starting over in a lush new world (subtitled).

Classics are also on hand: experience musicals An American in Paris (1951), with Gene Kelly, and the Oscar-sweeping Gigi (1958). Further down the line, do Cousteau for Earth Day with World Without Sun (Le monde sans soleil), the Oscar-winning tale of “oceanauts” who take up residence on the floor of the Red Sea. 

Explore the full lineup of new titles here, along with age recommendations. As always, tickets to our Family FIlms are just $6 (for everyone!) and if you bring your ticket stub to Indie Food & Wine you can get their special, kid-friendly Indie Lunch box for just $6 more!