North American Premiere

This is Hong Kong’s Year of the Man Movie, and no movie is manlier than this one from director Derek Kwok (Gallants, Journey to the West) because it’s all about everyone’s favorite superhero: firefighters. Hong Kong stars Simon Yam, Shawn Yue, Nic Tse, and Hu Jun (Firestorm, Drug War) play a squad of firefighters trapped in a testosterone-fueled soap opera. They used to be BFFs, but their careers have gone in different directions and everyone’s wallowing in Man Angst. Then, on the “hottest Christmas Eve in Hong Kong,” a power-plant explosion plunges the city into darkness and our feuding firefighters have to put their problems on the back burner and battle the blaze. Full of stoic heroics and men striding manfully into burning buildings to rescue innocent victims, this is uncut, hardcore firefighter porn full of epic action and third-degree-burn-inducing stunts. If you aren’t wiping away Man Tears by the end of this movie, then it’s only because you’re running out of the theater to file your application to join the fire department. Part of HONG KONG FOREVER! Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York.