In the mythic mountain village of Tolzbad—where even the slightest disturbance can trigger a deadly avalanche—residents are brought up to be as careful, quiet, and unobtrusive as possible. But in this world of strict repression, a Freudian pileup of incestuous desires, sibling rivalries, and patricidal plots threatens to bury them all…. Drawing as much on the aesthetics of German silent Eexpressionism as on the avant-garde camp provocations of Kenneth Anger and Jack Smith, neo-primitivist visionary Guy Maddin crafts a hallucinatory parable of pent-up passions run amok that unspools like a demented cautionary tale from a lost civilization. An NYFF30 Main Slate selection. 

Watching Careful is like observing a dream from an ancient time. A mash-up of mysteries and manners. Guy Maddin, I believe, is one of the masters who is dissatisfied with today’s film landscape. He likes to return to cinematic treasure chests and speculate on their various evolutionary paths. Careful is a powerful declaration of resistance. —Apichatpong Weerasethakul