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Make it a double feature—see it with Luis López Carrasco’s second feature, The Year of Discovery.

El Futuro tries to critically look at the values and customs that Spanish society acquired stunningly fast at the beginning of the ’80s. These were values, behaviors, and new ways of living that I have also shared and lived. One of the people I interviewed while researching this period told me: “With the socialist victory of 1982, we thought that everything had been achieved when in reality, everything was still left to be done.” It was as if the Spanish middle class had mixed up democracy and consumerism. The main idea of the film is to reflect how young people in the ’80s, ’90s, and XXI Century share the same social codes about leisure, sexual relationships, political commitment, and labor issues. As well as how in 1982 we can find the seed of the economic crisis we are currently living 30 years later.” —Luis Lopez Carrasco

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