Opening night! Actor Luca Marinelli in person for Q&A at June 6 screening!

Screening added Tuesday, June 11 at 9:15pm!

Virzi confirms his interest in the young generation with this small and intimate romantic comedy about Antonia and Guido, a strangely matched couple madly in love. Though the film takes its time to build nuanced, well grounded characters and tells the story of their painful ordeal, it is fast paced and very funny. Antonia is a strong willed, volatile musician from Sicily (and responsible for the film’s soundtrack); Guido is a bookish, gentle ancient language expert from Toscana. They want to have a child and are willing to try almost anything, including a treatment that involves chanting barefoot on the snow and a visit to the pope’s gynecologist. Virzi is one of the most personal voices in new Italian cinema, having infused his comedies with not-so funny real life issues, gentle irony and endearing characters. Based on La Generazione by Simone Lenzi with original music by Thony (who plays Antonia).