New York Premiere

The Hong Kong action movie turned up to 11, Firestorm never throws logic out the window to reach the surreal heights of a movie like The White Storm, but if that movie is the ultimate Man Opera, Firestorm is a heavy-metal concert rocking it in the key of Macho. Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau plays Lui, a prissy police detective who’s getting his butt handed to him by flashy thief Nam (Hu Jun, Drug War and As the Light Goes Out), an insanely competent career criminal who knocks over armored cars like dominos. When an old high-school buddy of Lui’s gets released from prison and starts working for Nam, a chink appears in the bad guy’s high-caliber armor, and Lui realizes that if he wants to take his opponent down he needs to start breaking the rules. With a sledgehammer. And a machine gun. And a speeding car. What follows is a movie in which everything goes to hell hard and fast and the end credits only roll once pretty much everyone in Hong Kong has been murdered in an epic shootout. Part of HONG KONG FOREVER! Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York.