“He who has two women loses his soul; he who has two houses loses his mind.” In Rohmer’s fourth film in his Comedies and Proverbs series, Louise, a young interior decorator (Pascale Ogier, Venice Film Festival Best Actress winner), keeps two homes—one with her boyfriend, Remi, and one without. She chases the freedom of the single life in her Paris pied-à-terre, while Remi stays in the other residence, seemingly a homebody. Rohmer’s finely drawn characterization brings out the confusions and small devotions that complicate a familiar paradox, rarely rendered with such subtlety and maturity. With Fabrice Lucchini as Louise’s friend.

“It was a 64-year-old man who best captured the youthful energy of the 1980s, the decade’s transformations, its carefree spirit, its music, and ultimately its melancholy. And to top it off, the film features the dazzling Pascale Ogier.”  —BB