North American Premiere. 

Q&A with actress Sandra Ng following June 27 screening, who will be presented with the Star Asia Award.

We took the liberty of skipping Golden Chicken 2 because it was just a retread of the first film, but now, in part three of the Golden Chicken Saga our tiny chicken Kum (Sandra Ng) has aged into a hard-working madam, and the film bounces from one ridiculous setpiece to another as she rounds up her girls, decks them out for a night on the town, and fulfills the needs of her hard-partying clients in blowjob parlors, at sunrise beach parties, and deep inside wine cellars of sin. Comedienne Sandra Ng was born to play Kum, a hooker with a calculator for a soul but who also believes that everyone has a right to get their rocks off regardless of race, color, creed, or kink. Like Kum, this film has a big, beating heart of gold that believes everyone is a good person who deserves sex, whether they’re a screechy, buck-toothed, money-hungry Mainland prostitute named Woo Loo, a woman dying of Huntington’s disease who dreams of banging pop star Louis Koo (Koo playing himself), or even if they’re a triad boss just out of prison after a long sentence who can’t understand anything about modern-day Hong Kong. Shambolic, reckless, and defiantly un-PC, Golden Chickensss celebrates hard work, hard weiners, big hearts, and big boobs. One of the most loving, high-spirited movies about sex workers you’ll ever see, the whole thing even ends with the cast bursting into song for no good reason other that they’re having a blast. Part of HONG KONG FOREVER! Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York.