A selection of Godard’s later video/digital work: an extension of both Histoire(s) du cinéma and Keep Your Right Up, with Godard as the “Idiot Prince” director and László Szabó as “Jack Valenti”; Godard and Miéville’s contribution to the Amnesty International omnibus film Contre l’oubli; their contribution to the 2002 Swiss Expo, based on Charles Ferdinand Ramuz’s 1911 novel about a fictional Swiss painter named Aimé Pache; a commission from the 2000 Cannes Film Festival and one of Godard’s most devastating works; and a commission from MoMA, by Godard and Miéville, a genuinely great work.

Les Enfants jouent à la Russie (France, 1993; 63m)
Pour Thomas Wainggai (France, 1991; 3m)
Liberté et patrie (Switzerland, 2002; 21m)
Origins of the 21st Century / De l’origine du XXIème siècle (France, 2000; 13m)
The Old Place (France/USA, 2002; 49m)