Introduction from producer Kazuko Misawa on Dec. 4

A young former preschool teacher (Hiroko Yakushimaru) meets a traveling magician (newcomer Hironobu Nomura) by the sea. The two go on a road trip in order for the teacher to reconnect with a former pupil who has moved out west. Despite their initial attraction, the two bicker on the road until they meet a nomadic jazz singer (Kaori Momoi), an alluring older woman with more life experience. Made when Morita was still riding high off the hit The Family Game and on the heels of his freewheeling Deaths in Tokimeki, the director’s early feature takes a grand and summery youthful meander through Japanese beach towns. Conceived as a star vehicle for pop idol Yakushimaru (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun), Main Theme uses Morita’s sizable, industry-backed budget to present an irreverent road movie full of delightful tricks and confetti.