Q&A with Anna Novion and Jean-Pierre Darroussin on Mar. 2

“Elite female mathematicians are rare,” professor Werner (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) tells Marguerite (Ella Rumpf), a PhD student he’s supervising as she labors on the final stages of developing an ambitious proof. When a flaw is discovered during the presentation of her research, three years of work are invalidated in one fell swoop, and Marguerite finds herself rethinking the parameters of the life she’s made for herself. Abandoning both her dissertation and her academic environment, Marguerite finds new friends and an unexpected use for her math skills in the world of gambling—where she soon embarks on an even more unexpected romance. Winding a fluent, accessible tour through the arcane world of high-level math, Anna Novion’s feature always remains grounded in the affecting story of a young woman who must reinvent herself in order to find a fresh new perspective on her vocation and on life itself. A DistribFilms release.