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The audacious new film from Bertrand Bonello (Saint Laurent) unfolds in two mesmerizing segments. The first is a precision-crafted thriller, following a multi-ethnic group of millennial radicals as they carry out a mass-scale terrorist attack on Paris. The second—in which the perpetrators hide out in the consumerist mecca of a luxury department store—is the director’s coup, raising provocative questions about everything that came before. Bonello stages his apocalyptic vision with stylishly roving camerawork, blasts of hip-hop, and a lip-synced performance to Shirley Bassey’s “My Way.” This is edgy, risk-taking filmmaking that is sure to ignite debate. A 2017 Rendez-Vous with French Cinema selection. A Grasshopper Film release.

To lend cinematic context to Nocturama on the occasion of its theatrical run, Bonello has selected an assortment of works that were on his mind while crafting his masterful new film. Deeper Into Nocturama begins August 18. See the lineup and get tickets here.

Listen to our discussion of Nocturama and Bonello’s influences, as well as a talk with the director, on The Close-Up: