Q&A with Axelle Ropert on March 12

Jade Springer makes an extraordinary feature-film debut as Solange, a lively 13-year-old living in Nantes with her music-shop-owner father Antoine (Philippe Katerine) and actress mother Aurélia (Léa Drucker). When their marriage starts falling apart, the normally cheerful Solange is unprepared and emotionally destabilized. While her brother Romain (Grégoire Montana) takes advantage of an opportunity to avoid turmoil by going abroad, Solange feels increasingly alone and erratic in navigating this unexpected familial collapse. Deftly transitioning from comedy to drama, director Axelle Ropert (Miss and the Doctors, Rendez-Vous 2014) takes inspiration from The 400 Blows in a sensitive divorce drama that places children, rather than adults, at the center of attention.