Stick around for free beer at the Film Center on 2/5 from 8–9pm.

A program of Gabriel Abrantes’s three most recent shorts—ribald and irreverent films that mark his recent swerve toward popular comedy.

Travel support provided by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal/Sri Lanka/Denmark/France, 2014, DCP, 24m
Portuguese, Sinhalese, and French with English subtitles
A sensuous and debauched portrait of Portugal’s national poet Luís Vaz de Camões teetering on the borderline between Paradise and Hell. A New Directors/New Films 2015 selection.

Freud und Friends
Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal, 2015, DCP, 30m
English and Portuguese with English subtitles
A freewheeling homage to both Woody Allen’s Sleeper and reality TV, Freud und Friends is a headlong dive (narrated by “Herner Werzog”) into the deepest, silliest recesses of Abrantes’s unconscious.

Ennui Ennui
Gabriel Abrantes, France, 2013, DCP, 32m
English, French and Farsi with English subtitles
This delirious espionage farce (whose cast includes Edith Scob and Esther Garrel) resembles what might have happened if Zero Dark Thirty had been written by Georges Bataille.