Q&A with Patricia Mazuy on March 5

Police detective Guillaume (Arieh Worthalter) decides to gift the family bowling alley to his estranged half-brother, Armand (Achille Reggiani), following the death of their father. Their already contentious relationship is further strained by a series of murders that transform a tense drama into a twisty neo-noir as Guillaume’s investigation brings him deeper into conflict with his brother. Deservedly named one of last year’s 10 best films by Cahiers du cinéma, the latest from always-original auteur Patricia Mazuy (Paul Sanchez Is Back!, Rendez-Vous 2018) marks a somber change of pace. With the filmmaker’s flair for unusual gestures firmly in place, Saturn Bowling is one of Mazuy’s darkest and most confident visions to date, a thriller with the force of a modern tragedy. A Dark Star Pictures release.

Please note: This film contains a scene of prolonged violence that viewers may find disturbing.