In this outrageously sleek cult classic directed by Tony Scott, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie are perfectly cast as Miriam and John, a pair of vampire lovers who have been together since the 18th century, and who now spend their nights stalking New York’s downtown club scene in search of fresh blood. Reeling from the discovery of a terrible betrayal, John seeks the help of a mortal doctor (Susan Sarandon) who soon finds herself drawn into an erotically charged and seductively sinister power struggle with Miriam. With its famously bold visual aesthetic—featuring high-intensity lighting, expressionistic production design, and thrillingly intimate perspectives—and the melodramatic intensity of the three lead performances, the film is an ultra-stylish time capsule, an archetype of the high-gloss, high-concept storytelling mode that prevailed in early 1980s Hollywood.