The inherent slippage between reality and narrative becomes a power unto itself in Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s new feature. During an annual summer vacation to the family villa on the French Riviera, filmmaker Anna (Bruni Tedeschi) conceals a sudden split from her husband from her relatives and their spouses, all of whom are more volatile than usual while coping with the death of her brother. Palpably in her own head while interacting with her sister (Valeria Golino), her daughter (real-life daughter Oumy Bruni Garrel), and her screenwriting partner (real-life co-writer Noémie Lvovsky), Anna also prepares a film based on this recent loss, which is received coldly by her family. Meanwhile, the domestic staff (including Yolande Moreau and François Négret) negotiates for better pay and work conditions with a family they find increasingly self-absorbed. Like Bruni Tedeschi’s A Castle in Italy (2013), The Summer House invites autobiographical readings while also complicating the idea of art as personal exorcism. U.S. Premiere

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