Q&A with Nathan Ambrosioni on Mar. 2

A former pop sensation whose once successful career has long since dwindled, middle-aged Toni (Camille Cottin) is now first and foremost a single mother of five. Though she loves her children fiercely, the sense of stagnation that accompanies her domestic obligations leads Toni to wonder if it’s time to start a new chapter by enrolling at a university—or if it’s even still possible to alter her family’s well-established rhythms and routines. In his sophomore feature, director Nathan Ambrosioni crafts an effortlessly affecting study of a woman and her lively brood adapting to a moment of collective transformation. At the group portrait’s center is Cottin, best known to English-speaking audiences for her celebrated performance in the TV series Call My Agent!, delivering a lived-in, sneakily touching performance as a woman ready to make a change. A DistribFilms release.