The 54th New York Film Festival is right around the corner and, as usual, it’s shaping up to be fall’s biggest event for New York movie lovers. But you may not know that we’ve got some really exciting things happening between now and the festival and, believe it or not, we’re already looking ahead to a stellar slate of programming after NYFF, including Paul Verhoeven and Raúl Ruiz retrospectives, a new festival aimed at young movie lovers and their families, and a series devoted to the Steadicam. So, consider this your save the date!

September 6
NYFF Member Pre-Sale starts

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September 9
Walter Reade Theater reopens

In honor of its 25th anniversary, we closed down the theater over the summer for some much-needed upgrades. Most of the work, to lighting and electrical systems, might not be too obvious, but you’ll definitely notice our brand new concession stand and the new screen we installed thanks to the support of hundreds of Kickstarter backers.


To Sleep with Anger


September 9-16
To Sleep with Anger opens

Charles Burnett’s overlooked masterpiece, To Sleep with Anger, stars Danny Glover as a mysterious drifter from the South who visits an old acquaintance (Paul Butler), now leading a middle-class life with his family in South Central Los Angeles. Novelistic in its narrative density and rich characterization, it is one of the finest films about the black experience in modern America. Newly restored, the film opens here for a one-week run with Burnett in person for Q&As on September 9 and 10. As a bonus, we’ll be screening his underrated L.A. crime drama The Glass Shield on September 10, also followed by a Q&A. Tickets now on sale!

September 11
NYFF General Public tickets on sale

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Love in the Afternoon / L'amour l'après-midi

Love in the Afternoon


September 16-29
Eric Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales

Thrillingly intelligent portraits of self-centered, articulate, often foolish men and the women they belittle, idolize, stalk, and long for, staged with offhand visual imagination and full of electrifying high-stakes verbal showdowns, Eric Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales represented an entirely new way of handling male-female relationships on screen. Occasioned by our revivals of La collectionneuse and Love in the Afternoon, we’re pleased to present new restorations of all six Moral Tales. Tickets now on sale!

September 18
25th Anniversary Screening of Beauty and the Beast

In September 1991, two months before its theatrical release, Disney’s animated masterpiece screened as a “Work in Progress” at the 29th New York Film Festival in Alice Tully Hall. To celebrate the film and its vibrant cultural legacy, Beauty and the Beast returns for a special 25th anniversary screening.

September 30 – October 16
54th New York Film Festival

The 17-day New York Film Festival highlights the best in world cinema, featuring works from celebrated filmmakers as well as fresh new talent. For the latest news, subscribe to the festival’s newsletter and follow the festival on Facebook and Twitter.




November 3-7
My First Film Fest

All kids remember the first movie they ever saw or the first time they went to a movie theater. Now, the Film Society of Lincoln Center wants them to remember their first film festival. This November, we present the inaugural edition of what will hopefully be an annual tradition: My First Film Fest aims to bring the excitement and vibrancy of the festival experience to young movie lovers. Showcasing titles from the U.S. and around the world appropriate for children of various ages and adults, this five-day event will feature filmmaker appearances, goodie bags and giveaways, and free educational screenings of films that promote cultural awareness and diversity. Whether showing a sneak preview of a highly anticipated new kids’ movie; the latest, must-see international family gem; or an unforgettable, evergreen classic, My First Film Fest promises to be the fall’s biggest event for young filmgoers. Screenings will include the beautiful Ethiopian drama Lamb, the gotta-see-it-big insect documentary Microcosmos, Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times with live musical accompaniment, and more.

Total Recall

Total Recall


November 9-23
Total Verhoeven

The provocative, entertaining films of Paul Verhoeven push the boundaries of sex, violence, and accepted good taste to daringly subversive ends. This series encompasses Verhoeven’s entire career, including his early Dutch films (rare Turkish Delight and debut Business Is Business among them), short films, cult classics, and beyond. On the occasion of his acclaimed new film, Elle (which makes its U.S. premiere in October at NYFF), the Film Society revisits the work of one of our most fearless directors. Paul Verhoeven in person!

December 2-22
Life Is a Dream: The Films of Raúl Ruiz (Part One)

Arguably Chile’s most internationally renowned and prolific filmmaker, Raúl Ruiz completed over one hundred films in numerous national cinemas. The mind-bending works that comprise Ruiz’s eclectic and deeply influential oeuvre are labyrinthine, beguiling, and oneiric; obsessed with questions of theology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature, and visual expression; wildly experimental and slyly humorous; surrealist, magical realist, gothic, and neo-Baroque. This November, the Film Society will present the first part of a retrospective devoted to Ruiz, among the great visionaries in film history and perhaps its most intrepid explorer of the unconscious. His films are unified by his singular imagination, idiosyncratic working methods, and the incomparably dreamlike experience of watching them.

Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory


December 16 – January 2
Going Steadi: 40 Years of Steadicam

Combining the freedom of a handheld camera with the stability of a dolly, the Steadicam made its groundbreaking debut in Hal Ashby’s 1976 film Bound for Glory, which won the Oscar for best cinematography. Since then, it has become an essential tool of filmmaking and has allowed cinematographers to execute some of their most iconic, astonishing camera movements. The Film Society is proud to celebrate 40 years of the Steadicam’s usage this December, presenting films like John G. Avildsen’s Rocky, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, and many more. Steadicam inventor and cinematographer Garrett Brown in person!