The 12th edition of Film Comment magazine’s essential, eclectic festival brings you a handpicked lineup of the coming soon and the never-coming-back, the rare and the rediscovered, the unclassifiable and the underrated, the sacred and the profane, the cute and the creepy, the tough and the tender, the naked and the dead—you get the idea. Reeled in (geddit?!!) by the magazine’s editors on their travels around the festival circuit and following tips from trusty correspondents around the world (hi Olaf!), this 31-film salute to cinephilia of all stripes has something for everyone: future shock, modern crisis, edgy thrills, films maudits, psychodrama freak-outs, high art, low brow, the strange and the sweet, the silly and the serious, and, along with the special appearances and intros, we’ve got a very special trick up our sleeve, courtesy of film critic J. Hoberman. (And about the dead: this year we have memorial tributes to two art-film heroes.) So come and hang out with James Franco! The Russians are coming… and the Greeks are here! The old masters rub shoulders with the young turks. And you? You get to sit back and watch.

Programmed by Gavin Smith and the editors of Film Comment.